Costabella Tropical Beach |Ultimate Paradise of Cebu

Cebu is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region, comprising Cebu Island and 150-plus smaller surrounding islands and islets. Its prosperous port capital, Cebu City, retains landmarks from its 16th-century Spanish colonial past, including the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño church and triangular Fort San Pedro. It’s also a gateway to the region’s renowned dive sites and beach resorts. Cebu has a rich history that’s well documented in several good little museums.


Seeing this city with the beautiful spots, lovely beaches and a gorgeous sun filled tropical ιѕland. Cebu now is becoming one of Asia’s new “hot” spots in tourism. Cebu’s beaches are the envy of Asia with its white sand and crystal clear blue waters. If it’s your first time to travel to Cebu like me, you will want to know where and what to do in Cebu.

I sometimes get asked how do I plan my trip and would always encounter a surprising reaction when promotional flights were totally gone. I totally understand where the enchantment came from, we all know that planned trips are really cheaper because of huge discounted price airline companies’ offer for early bookings like Cebu Pacific and Air Asia, but it doesn’t just work for me. You need also to minimize your budget especially when you are in DIY travel. I’m on a safe budget but honestly, since this is my first time in Cebu, I want to experience one of their well know hotel.


Costabella Tropical Beach Resort located in Lapu lapu city. The staffs were very accommodating and hospitable, the place was extremely beautiful and it feels like you can stay there all throughout your days. We’ve stayed only for short period of time and it’s just like we’ve been there for so long. This has also to celebrate our birthday. It’s a perfect place to stay and to celebrate your special day!

Book your room here to avail discount! COSTABELLA BEACH RESORT.

It’s time to explore the beauty of the place – the resort and the enchanting beach, waited for the beautiful sunset and experienced their best seafood. We’ve experience “Harana”on our table while we were eating. What a sweet and memorable dinner! Right?

Harana during our dinner


So many reasons to be thankful and grateful for…

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✔ Jet Ski – You can drive it on your own or you can ask them to go with you
✔ Banana boat – may do it solo or two of you on its original rate
✔ Scuba diving – perfect place, beautiful corals and lots of small fishes and different sea creatures
✔ Beach Volleyball – a perfect game for couple and for group of friends
… And a lot of more.


We left Cebu with a warm and joyous heart not only because of I’m with him, but because of His protection and provision all throughout of our journey especially the opportunity to explore with your special someone. We cannot do this without his guidance and leading. What a wonderful opportunity to witness one of His beautiful creation. All you can say is “Oh God you are so terribly good!” We are thankful to God for his unending faithfulness in our lives and in our relationship.  You God are really awesome! More travels to come. 😊

“To love is not to look one another, it is to look together in the same direction.”

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