A Cuppa Day | Caffè Bene

It’s a new day again! Hey, coffee lovers! This blog is for you.

I have a lot of friends that they can’t live without a coffee, a cup in the morning, another for break time and before going to bed. I’m not that a fond of coffee and say “Hey! Want some coffee break?” rather “Let’s go to coffee shop, I want to read book and access free wifi! Hahaha!” but not today, not for this shop.

The peaceful lighting, cozy ambiance and its high ceiling on the floor partners perfectly with your drink of choice and dessert.

Raise your hands if you are a certified K-drama addict. I can relate to you, guys!!! That’s why I really love this place, this coffee shop is originated from KOREA!!! Yeah! Kpop music? Korean coffee savor? It’s all in here. Let me give you some idea about this shop.

Caffè Bene is a coffeehouse chain based in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in May 2008 by Sun-Kwon Kim. Caffè Bene is the largest coffeehouse chain in South Korea by number of stores. (Wikipedia)

C A F F È B E N E (Photos below are taken by OPPO F3 #selfieexpert #oppof3)


Coffee shops are more than just the drinks and sweet cakes, they’re about the ambience. That’s why it’s now perfect for studying, short meetings, bible sharing but for me this place is what I call now “my new tambayan”. It’s a perfect match with my OPPO F3 and my books, sabay isama mo pa ang barkada para mas buo ang saya!

Caffè Bene helpful links

Website – http://www.CaffeBene.com.ph/Facebook
Instagram – @caffebeneph

Want to know and explore more about OPPO F3? Please click HERE

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