The Famous Shibuya Crossing | Tokyo, Japan

Also known as “The scramble”, is located in Shibuya, one of Tokyo Japan special spots. Shibuya Crossing! Yeeey! I finally crossed the busiest intersection in the world. It is like a nonstop and a giant beating heart, where sending people in all directions, it’s like you see ants crossed on the streets in every pulsing light change. Well, ” Welcome to Tokyo!”. Hundreds of people, probably thousands at peak times.– cross at a time, coming from all directions. I tell you, once the traffic light turns red, hundreds of people cross, in each direction. Mind you, however, while everything’s look so busy and rowdy, you won’t see chaos in it. So many people cross this junction, it’s simply because its one of the Tokyo’s busiest commercial and business areas. So many sights to see, sounds to hear and music to taste.

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Wanting to take great pictures there is a big must! But, it is not the easiest street to take picture at since it’s never empty 24/7. It’s hard to get a decent photo here, people here people there. You need a good and fast photographer friend! Hahaha

Lovin’ the weather, you’ll see the sunlight framing me nicely. It’s okay you don’t have to be shy if you have to go back and forth, no one will ever notice.

Those photos are forever to cherish and remember, get it while you’re there! Dress up and enjoy the fun while crossing this infamous busy cross road in Tokyo, Japan.

I, together with my friends had so much fun for this first time adventure!’


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