Bohol, Philippines Travel Guide

Bohol is situated in Central Visayas and one of the top visited place for summer and one of the most various and adventure-packed islands in Philippines. It is also one of the most manifold and interesting ones you can choose to visit. Bohol is like a concise version of the entire country, which is why this copious province is always on the list of must-visit places for first-time travellers.

Whether you are looking to get tan under the sun, plunge at the beach or dive into the glaring underwater, be enthralled by the sprawling Chocolate Hills or merely indulge on a relaxing river cruise, visit classic ancient churches or conquer exciting adventures, name it and Bohol has it!

I realized that this Island can showcase of whatever scenic nature you want to see and and thrilling adventure you want to experience. Amazing beaches, greenly nature, relaxing river cruises, and highly recommended diving spots all in one place.

You may see here my simple guide on what to do, when to visit, where to go and stay, budget handling and many more! So let’s start and take you now to Bohol!


My point of origin is from Manila, Philippines and the easiest and fastest way for me is to travel by plane. Actually, whether you come by sea or by air, the main point of entry to the island is Tagbilaran City. Going to along side of Island of Panglao will take you more or less than an hour, where most traveller stay.

By Plane:

There are several airlines flying from Manila to Tagbilaran airport in Bohol:
Cebu Pacific – Highly recommended airline due to its numerous flights daily and almost weekly seat sale so always cheap fare! Inflight meals and Check in baggage is optional and subject to additional fees. Visit for more flight and fare details.

Air Asia – One of the low cost airline in Asia and Yes! I might say it is. Like Cebu Pacific, Air Asia offers also reasonable price for budget travellers. Inflight meals and Check in baggage is optional and subject to additional fees. Visit for more flight and fare details.

Philippines Airlines – is now awarded as 4-star airline by Skytrax. Fare offer by PAL includes cabin and check in baggage, sometimes light snacks are offered as well. Please visit for more updates.

You may also find a travel agency to customize your flights and also can you avail complete Bohol Package for hassle free travel. These are my recommended travel agencies, known and experienced service by other travellers as well.

NOTE: Plan your trip ahead of time. Always have a look out on the given above airline’s seat sale to save and enjoy more your travel.


January to March – greenly nature, everything looks more fresher, and photo ops multiply.
April and June – not that sunny and not that rainy. Weather for this month is slightly unpredictable. Chocolate hills and fields will be likely more brownish.
June to August is normally observed as the rainy season months.
August and October – heavy showers, when the southwest monsoon prevails.


Nowadays, there’s a lot of hotels, transient rooms, inns are available in this area. Others are offering their place thru online via AIRBNB which you may find it cheaper and feels-like-home. Plan and reserved your accommodation ahead of time to save more and choose your preferred place.

Book your cheap hotel/accommodation down below:

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