Getting around Bohol


We highly recommend this tour for those who are first time in Bohol. You will see some famous spots which are unique to the place like:

  • Chocolate Hills, which are named so because the mounds of hills look like Chocolate in the summer season;
  • Tarsier, which is considered as among the world’s smallest primates
  • Centuries-old churches (Baclayon Church)
  • Butterfly Sactuary
  • Bilar Manmade Forest
  • Blood compact
  • Loboc River


When we were in grade school, I bet, all of us already know the famous chocolate hills. Needless to say, it is a great place for Instagrammable pictures. ATV is must try also to explore the hills. To achieve a great and greenly shot of these hills, try to go from November to March to see them at their best.


After visiting the chocolate hills, now next to this place, it is quite accessible as it is along the way to Chocolate Hills. This became a well-known tourist spot in Bohol because of its surprising beauty. I never thought that this forest is not naturally grown by nature, I just believed when I saw it my own eyes, it’s very beautiful and captivating.


In my entire life, t’was my very first time to see a tarsier in person, seriously. It’s quite scary to be near to them yet exciting. Their huge round eyes are simply perfect, it never close! hahah I can’t imagine that with these smallest primate, they will be having this kind of eyes. These tarsiers have specific place and if you want to see eye to eye, make sure you go to the Tarsier Sanctuary. It’s the only place where they do not live in cages and have enough space to feel forest life.


Loboc River Cruise or mostly known as Loboc Floating Restaurant and it is a must try place to eat, I suggest. I rememer those days seeing the this river cruise in photos in internet, I felt so happy to finally experienced this cruise in river. The sight of a jade-green river with native restaurants afloat and with lush trees in the river bank can always make my eyes pop!

Our tour in Bohol is just a DIY only. We arranged our tours on our own cause it will be more cheaper and we can manage our time when we are here. Upon arriving in Hotel, all were perfectly set!


Buffet Lunch is on set when you board. It will be self service. Selection was apt and the food was excellent and adequate. You may choose your best spot of your table. Since we were almost in the middle of the line, we were unable to select the 2 seater seats, we were seated in 6 seaters table which is good as well cause we had a chance to meet other people. By the time the boat started moving, most were done and could focus on the scenery. I remember, there was a live band as well to serenade all on board passengers.


On a separate floating wherry were locals of Bohol all decked in traditional clothes who make extra money for a simple yet captivating presentation thru dancing and singing while playing musical instruments. Giving tips is not mandatory, but dharing yours is much appreciated. Some guests participated in the famous Filipino dance – tinikling while most of us took memento shots. What a great time!

Contacts :

Village Floating Resto and Cruises
Villadolid, Loboc, Bohol Philippines
Telephone : (038) 537-9223
Mobile No. 0928-5077628 / 0922-8996108
Email :

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