Sky Experience at Sky100 | Hong Kong


Seize the breathtaking view of the bustling city of Hong Kong be it on a vast daylight or night sky.

Sky100 is one of the recommended spot to visit especially if you want to view Hong Kong in 360 degrees. From there you will simply be astonished by the resplendent sight which will make you realize what beauty civilization can offer- that civilization in itself can be a form of art.
It was quite balmy when we went up so we saw the view perfectly. I felt agitated and exhilarated at the same time when we took their elevator, it moves rapidly, feels like you are being taken away by the wind upwards! When it comes to see a good view from a skyscraper observation deck you need a combination of height and position in the city to make it a worthwhile attraction. On the window ledges you can find information about each area you are viewing.

Technology nowadays really amazes us, another thing that may interest you is the infusion of technology to level up your experience. It’s a must to download the app for you to personally try and all, We are all left entralled through it. Just try, and you’ll get stunned.

For me, it is not that wander-worthy to visit Sky100, not only because you will see the the city in 360 degrees but also it’s not money worth it. It may not be that 100% but this is a great experienced for us!

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You can take MTR going to Kowloon and from there you can emerge from a mall where Sky100 is found.

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One thought on “Sky Experience at Sky100 | Hong Kong

  1. Hindi po ba nakakatakot sa taas? My fear of heights po kasi ako. Me and my family are planning to visit Hong Kong this year., I am planning now our trips, good thing nakita ko po ito. San po pala kayo ngbook ng hotel? Salamat


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