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Victoria Peak is a extraordinary viewpoint of the city at any time of the day but it is more quaint and picturesque at night. It is also known as Mount Austin of Hong Kong and The Peak, it is where famous actors/actresses, politicians, consul generals, CEO’s and businessmen live. But the main reason tourists visit here is because of its scenic view of the city skyline and Victoria Harbor. You can use the coin-operated telescopes installed at the viewing deck to view the cityscape. The peak is a 554m tall mountain in the western half of Hong Kong island. Victoria Peak is the most visited peak by tourists. Few reasons stated below.

  1. Can visit at day and night
  2. Easy transportation via bus to Victoria Peak
  3. No hiking! No hiking! 😀
  4. Victoria Peak is close to Hong Kong central
  5. Many people want to ride the popular Peak Tram



Go to Central Station and take Exit J2 to take The Peak Tram from the Peak Tram Lower Terminus on Garden Road. If you want to save time and less hassle as the queue to the tram get really long, best to buy your tickets in advance as much as possible. You may purchase your Peak Tram tickets on below given stores which are all within the area.

  1. Sky Terrace 428
  2. Madam Tussauds (Wax Museum),
  3. Chocolate Museum
  4. Trick Eye Museum

Victoria Peak’s FREE Viewpoint

The last stop of the bus 15 going to this place is called “The Peak”, which is underneath the Victoria Peak Galleria. We were surprised to see a shopping mall up there far from the city. This Peak is in complete variance to those because you still feel that you are in the city.

Victoria Peak Galleria to Peak

Awkward smile cause of people were watching!

Head up to the Victoria Peak Galleria’s ground floor and walk all the way through until you reach the glass doors at the other end (Just follow the signs or ask the other staffs) Pass through to the doors and walk towards the upside-down looking building. You’ll see a viewpoint at the top of the building but you have to pay for it. Instead, walk to the right of the building, passing the tram stop and look for the signs for the viewpoint. You can’t miss it, just follow the crowds! And it’s free!

Once you’re on the top you will see the entire central city area with all the tallest and most stunning skyscrapers in sight. Each building will grab your attention with its flashing lights, dazzling lasers and animations!

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