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Samgyupsal hunting! Who can’t resist to SAMGYUPSAL? For me, I’d rather go to Samgyup than other buffet resto. We frequently eat at Samgupsal Restaurant in Makati city and nothing beats to the taste of Korean foods! it’s SUPERB! DELCIOSO!!!

Landmark: Vista Real Hotel

It happened when we went to Tagaytay, we heard this place and no more second thoughts! It’s just near to the place that we’ve visit, so we decided to have some lunch here. I know you love Samgyup and so do I, I will share to you my experience in this place! I hope you try this very sooon!

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If you opt to try Samgyup, I know you want Samgyupsal experience to have no limits. I suggest best way to enjoy korean BBQ is the unlimited Samgyupsal! For a price of 499 pesos, you have a chance to appease in your greed the best samgyup way possible. With all unlimited beef, pork, soup, side dish, jap chae, rice, lettuce, and even iced tea or cucumber juice. With that price, I know it’s a little bit pricey but you’re getting so much more for what you’re paying.

Having had an awesome experience wallowing in the famous Korean food while dining with your loved one with a beautiful panoramic view of Taal Lake.

Hello nga pala kay momshie sa likod ko! 😀


Did you Enjoy the food? How about the place? the service? First impression about the place, it is wide and spacious, it can accommodate a a large group of customers, so this place is recommendable for group of friends, family bonding and for couples of course! This restaurant snagged an excellent location; it’s scenic view, the ambiance and will indeed increase anyone’s dining experience. You may dine inside or outside with the awesome view of Taal. The service is exceptional, there’s so many crews waiting for your order or other request. If you want to call them to ask for refills or other orders, they have this circular buzzer at every table, press it and there you go, the staff will be with you shortly. This is the first Samgyupsal Resto that I’ve visit that has a lot of staffs and have this kind of service. Samgyupsal itself, sooooo delicioso! I tell you, you’ll surely forget your diet!

Waiting for your orders 🙂
Photo credit to the owner
You dining view!



Option 1: From LRT Buendia, ride a bus (DLTB Bus) with “Nasugbu or Calatagan” signage and ask the driver to drop you off at Olivarez.
Option 2: From Pasay Terminal, at Coastal Mall area find a bus with a signage of “Nasugbu via Tagaytay.” Make sure to ask the driver or conductor if they will pass through to Olivarez, if YES, then ask the driver to drop you off at Olivarez.

Fare: around 80 – 95 pesos per person
Travel Time: 1 to 3 hours depending on the traffic

Once you are in Olivarez, ride a tricycle and tell them to drop you at Mr. Kimchi or in Vista Real (most of the driver knows already the place).

Fare: 60 – 90 pesos good for 2 to 3 persons)
Travel Time: 5-8 minutes

Ride a van from Turbina or SM Calamba going to Olivarez.
Fare: 70-80 pesos per person
Travel: 1 hour

Ask the driver to drop you off at the Tagaytay City Market
Ride a tricycle to the place (Mr. Kimchi or in Vista Real)
Fare: 60 – 90 pesos (suitable for 2 to 3 persons)
Travel Time: 5-8 minutes

Facebook: Mr. Kimchi Tagaytay
Business Hours: Open daily from 11AM to 10PM
Contact Number: (046) 404 0654
Address: Vista Real (inside) 6, Tolentino East Tagaytay City, Calamba, Cavite

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