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It’s summer time! If you’ll be ask for a summer vacation, I’m sure Palawan is on your top! Well, no doubt cause of it’s endless beauty. Palawan is known as the ‘Last Frontier’. A paradise of beaches, greenly surroundings, turquoise water and limestone cliffs. This place is best for nature lovers and those who are looking for peaceful set and relaxation.

Let me share to you my short blog for this trip!


By air
You can choose from several airlines like Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and Philippine Airlines to get from Manila to Puerto Princesa. Best to subscribe or check from time time their promotional fare!

If you have more days in Palawan then I suggest to visit as well El Nido. You may opt to join other tourists in going to El Nido at a cheaper rate. Price ranges from Php 450 – 600. Van is more convenient as it is more faster than bus. Travel period is 5-6 hours while bus is more than that and it has more stops.

By sea
2GO serves the Manila to Puerto Princesa route twice a week same goes for the return flight.


After our El Nido, we stayed here at Puerto Princesa for 1 night only, we roam around for 2 days and experience the beauty of Puerto. You may book your stay on below suggested sites and you can get discounted room rates!


Summer months from April to June. There’s a small chance of rain and typhoons during this time and island hopping is easier as the waters are calm. For cooler weather, visiting Puerto Princesa from September to December may be preferable. Yet, there are distinct wet and dry seasons so take note of when to visit. The wettest month is September, the driest is February. The most rainfall is from May to November. The dry periods are from January to April.

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If you’ll heard Puerto Princesa, I know first thing that comes to our mind UNDERGROUND RIVER. Yes, same here! I’m seeing this place since when I was in Grade school. But when I saw this personally, I’m the happiest! What a wonderful creation, the rock formation, the water itself and the bats inside the cave! From the entrance, you fall in line to take a smaller boat that will take you inside the Underground River. (This line can get really long during the summer months, March to May). Using a search light, your tour guide/boatman will show you the cave’s rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, as well as its inhabitants, the audio is available for English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

The tour lasts around 45 minutes. A bigger boat will then take you back to Sabang port where you can either head back to the city.

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Looking for more adventure but with a touch of Nature? Then you should try Ugong Rock, and if you’re a fan of both, then it’s one experience that you shouldn’t pass on. Ugong Rock is a 75-feet tall rock formation sitting amidst the city’s lush forests. Here you’ll find Ugong Rock Adventures, which offers various thrills such as spelunking tours at the rock’s cave as well as zipline and bike zipline rides.

Ugong Rock Caving – 200 Pesos/person.
Zipline (Sitting Position) – 250 Pesos/person (optional)
Zipline (Superman Position) – 350 Pesos/person (optional)


Honda Bay is perfect for those who love to sunbath and is a great setting for underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. A sumptuous seafood buffet lunch is included in the whole-day tour which makes the trip really top-level. The activities in the tour include snorkeling so make sure you have the proper gear for your safety. Recommended to wear goggles and aqua shoes to avoid getting urticated by sea urchins, jellyfish or stone fish. Also, remember not to step on corals.

Fyi, For Honda Bay tour, there are three islands — Starfish Island, Lu-li Island and Cowrie Island.

Starfish Island is literally filled with starfish on the shore or in the sand. The water are quite clear and perfect for snorkeling

Lu-li Island’s came from the full phrase “lulubog, lilitaw”, which means sinking during high tide and appearing during low tide.

Cowrie Island, for me this is the best among the three. The water is clearer and it is more recommendable for swimming cause of its fine sand and shallow water.

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Puerto Princesa proves through Honda Bay that it’s more than just city sights, they offer as well an amazing islands. This tour can be done in one day and make sure to double check your itinerary. It should includes roundtrip hotel transfers, some gears, entrance fees and buffet lunch.


Mitra farm is an incredible getaway that will give you a different commune with nature. If you’re up for a horseback riding adventure, then this is the place for you. You will see the old house of the owner Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra. You may experience farm life with a tranquility and relaxing view of green pastures, cows, horses and overlooking of trees and mountains. Ride the horses to enjoy more the place, relish the most beautiful view of the city from the ranch’s view deck.


Puerto Princesa Government manage to take care these giant lizards and protect their habitat. Two biggest crocodile around the world can be found only here at Puerto Princesa.

Lolong. Lolong (died 10 February 2013) was the largest crocodile in captivity. He was a saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) measured at 6.17 m (20 ft 3 in), and weighed 1,075 kg (2,370 lb), making him one of the largest crocodiles ever measured from snout-to-tail.

Credits to the owner


This is an extra special to roam flower garden where in you can find different species of fluttering butterflies, so feel free to lose yourself in a picturesque garden filled with beautiful flowers and plants at the Butterfly Garden. Its main attractions are adorable, colourful butterflies of all sizes that are not only endemic to Palawan. For the entrance Fees are NOT included in the City Tour Rates.

The Palaw’an Tribe is known to be the first occupants of Palawan before it was discovered by the Spaniards. It is where the old cultures of Palawan is being preserved. Some tribal men still practice this kind of living until now, and they are willing to show you their ways of surviving, their tribal equipment and musical instruments mostly made of bamboo, rocks and bees wax.

Entrance fee: PHP50.00 – 60.00 (price may vary)
Address: Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan
Hours Open: 08:00 – 17:00

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And now you’re here! This place is heaven! Baker’s hill is a travelling foodie’s dreamland. This is known for its freshly-baked, delicious and great taste local delicacies that you can ingest on and of course take home as pasalubong. Their hopia is superb! Actually all of it! So make sure you have extra money if you’ll buy goodies here. Baker’s Hill is literally on top of a hill where a number of bakers work together to offer deliciously baked goodies for tourists and visitors.

Entrance fee: NONE (may vary)
OPEN HOURS: From 7:00 – 20:00


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