Cat Cafe Manila | For Purr-fect weekend!

Calling all cat lovers out there! Here’s another good news for you! I’m sure no one can resist if you are surrounded with cute little fur-balls! Furr-get your worries and have a purr-fect weekend with these lovely cats!
We’ve just discovered this cafe as this is one for our goal; to visit all pet cafes in Philippines!

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Bengal Brew Cat Cafe | Purr-fect for you!

Another fun-filling day again as we experienced a heaven place filled with doting cats. In my previous post, we visited Velvet Friends and Cafe and we just came up to an idea that we will pay a visit to every cat cafes in Metro! The time that we came to this place this is just a cat cafe but it’s now called Bengal Brew with Wolf and Bear. So this post is only all about cats. 🙂 It’s actually like Velvet Friends and Cafe that has been divided into two sections.

I was amazed how many Bengals are there and most of them are that friendly and easy to cuddle with. If you are just around Farmers or Gateway, then I suggest to drop by for some mental repose. This pet paradise is at a corner of Manhattan Park view in Cubao, Quezon city.

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Upon entering the cafe you will pay Php199.00 per person and you’d get to have an hour with those lovely pets plus an additional complimentary drink. If you opt to spend for another hour then you can just pay Php299.00 per person and that is good for two hours, including a premium drink. (May ask the counter directly for a choice of the premium drink.)

Credits to the photo owner 🙂


The staffs are friendly and easy to deal with. If you have questions about Bengals, they are prompt to answer you directly. And also, as you may know, they serves as the animal trainers so they may be able to tell you all about these endearing residents.

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I love the ambiance! The view of the place of cats it’s just like a mini jungle for Bengals! From ceiling up to the walls, it’s well perfectly design. Each corner is a photo opt of course! You may also use the free hat with its Bengal design and also slippers are provided for free.

Whether you are a fond of dogs or cats, you will surely find a perfect place in this pet cafe.

I want to take of all them!

NOTE: Bring your own socks! as every pet cafe required every customers to use it upon entering the cafe.

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Bengal Brew + Wolf & Bear, Cubao Branch
Address: Manhattan Parkview, General Malvar Ave., Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone Number: (02)238-5655
Opening Hours: 12:00noon – 21:00(Sun. to Thu.), 12noon. – 22:00 Fri. to Sat.)
E-mail Address:

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Velvet Friends and Cafe | Purrr-fect Place in Metro!

Hey, cat and dog lovers out there! I know you love cuddling and playing with adorable pets, this place is perfectly purr-fect for you! Nowadays, themed cafes are popular cause of its artsy and creative designs, the relaxing ambiance and food decorations. But now, something different that I want to share, Pet cafes are on the rise in Metro Manila, especially with how stressful and busy life in the city has become. Good thing that we discover this place as it is one such cafe where you can relish around while dogs and/or cats sit on your lap, play with them and take your stress away for a while.

Velvet friends and cafe has divided into two areas which are the Cat Haven and the Dog Garden. You need to choose one only, you can go into either one for as low as Php 220 per hour with a complimentary iced tea (may vary). The used fence as a separation of Cat Haven from the Dog Garden. If you want to enter both, you just need to add Php 100.00!

Children are allowed as well, if they are at least 12 years old they are free to enter both Cat Haven and Dog Garden. If your children are around aged 10 and below will only be allowed at Cat Haven if they are accompanied by a guardian.

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If you opt to eat and drink inside or outside of the pet haven, it’s possible as well. Of course we choose to consumed inside with those lovely cats. You may buy additional drinks, pastries, cake at extra cost.

Please note that socks are required to use upon entering the room. Better if you have one. If you don’t, you have to buy one from the counter, it’ll cost you 50 pesos per pair(may vary).


How to get to the Velvet Friends and Cafe?

Any point from EDSA, ride a bus going to SM Mall of Asia or ride a jeepney from LRT buendia, front side of Mcdonalds, and ask the driver to drop you off at McDonalds Bluebay/Macapagal. From the McDonalds, walk your way to Bluebay / Bluebay Walk at the back of Conti’s. Velvet Friends and Cafe is located on the 2nd Floor of the building.


Velvet Friends and Cafe MENU

Velvet Friends and Cafe
Address: 2/F, Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk, Met Park, Pasay City
Phone Number: 02-834-5608 / 0917 620 7208
Business Hours: 12:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., Mon. to Fri.; 12:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., Sat. and Sun
Website: Velvet Friends and Cafe
Facebook: Velvet Friends and Cafe

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Puerto Princesa Travel Guide | Palawan

It’s summer time! If you’ll be ask for a summer vacation, I’m sure Palawan is on your top! Well, no doubt cause of it’s endless beauty. Palawan is known as the ‘Last Frontier’. A paradise of beaches, greenly surroundings, turquoise water and limestone cliffs. This place is best for nature lovers and those who are looking for peaceful set and relaxation.

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Mr. Kimchi – Where food speaks with your palate | Tagaytay

Samgyupsal hunting! Who can’t resist to SAMGYUPSAL? For me, I’d rather go to Samgyup than other buffet resto. We frequently eat at Samgupsal Restaurant in Makati city and nothing beats to the taste of Korean foods! it’s SUPERB! DELCIOSO!!!

Landmark: Vista Real Hotel
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La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden – Serenity amidst chaos | Tagaytay

Finding quiet, peaceful and a place for some relaxation? We’ve been searching where we can spend our 1 day off, then lucky us, we found this place. There’s a lot of day tours/activities offered thru Facebook and also via Travel agency, but no need to go far to find serene. This place has a simple yet unique accommodation, and exciting outdoor activities. I know all of us are familiar with the Kawa Hot Bath and I believed it was started in Aklan and they have the biggest kawa! But no need to fly to Aklan for Kawa Hot Bath, this place has this fun activity that will surely give you refreshment with the overlooking of Taal. Exciting right?

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Best of San Juan | La Union

La Union is known for the beach town of San Juan, the surfing capital on this side of North Luzon.

It’s summer time and for sure you have your plans for your summer vacation. Maybe La Union is in your list. Well, we all know that La Union is known for beautiful beach and great place for surfing. I’ve been planning to write this short blog from my previous visit there and I tell you, the place is just simply awesome, there’s a lot of places you can visit aside from the beach.

If you are a first timer or having this plan to visit La Union, then you are in the right blog site. Let me share you my experiences and travel tips! Happy reading!


Many tourists main reason why to go to La Union is surfing.

JUL-OCT: The South Swell is caused by the southwest monsoon, known locally as habagat. It produces ideal waves though this is the height of rainy season. This is a good time to go if you don’t mind surfing in bad weather.

NOV-MAR: The North Swell is caused by northeast trade winds known locally as amihan. This is the best time to go surfing because the waves are ideal and there’s less chance of rain.

The North and South Swell seasons are the best waves for long time surfer but if you’re a beginner, think twice before you go.


You can get to San Juan by driving or taking the bus.

BY BUS: There are several bus companies that can take you to La Union from Manila. There are various companies operating the bus from Manila to La Union, with the most popular being Partas and Dominion (both departing from Cubao and Pasay Terminal) and Viron (Cubao and Sampaloc terminals). Fare range from 400 – 800 depends on bus type.

• Cubao, Bus Terminal
816 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone Number:
+63 (2) 7278278

• San Fernando, La Union, Bus Mid-Way Station
Quezon Avenue, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
Telephone Numbers:
+63 (74) 2420464
+63 (74) 2420923


Most tourists traveling to La Union pick either San Juan or San Fernando as a base. Well, both of it is beautiful but I will go for San Juan. I stayed with my friend’s house. We chose San Juan La Union since most of the budget and our target places are concentrated here. Not to mention its proximity to the surfing beach – Urbiztondo Beach. But San Fernando also offers good options for travelers who are willing to spend more for comfort.

There’s a lot of affordable hotels and and accommodation near to beach. This place isn’t that big so there aren’t as many resorts compared to more established destinations. But if you are budget traveler, then good thing there is already AIRBNB to book your stay.

Since I stayed with my friend’s house, here are my suggestions if you opt to travel in La Union for overnight.

Flotsam & Jetsam Artist Hostel
Flotsam & Jetsam is one of the best places to stay in San Juan. I’ve been hearing about this place even before I had any real desire of visiting San Juan. This is not a hostel but also a perfect place for beach party.


1.San Juan Beach

This is one of the best place to go for surfing, bonding, watch sunset and good thing it has nearby food stores and accommodations like Flotsam and Jetsam, the famous Makai bowls and lot more!

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. 🌅❤ Psalm 57:10

2. Poro Point Lighthouse

Time for escape and travel to La Union, step out of the shadow of its more popular neighbors. Its day in the sun has come, and the beacon that shines on it arising from Poro Point, whilom American base on a peninsula within San Fernando City. The Poro Point Lighthouse serves as a favorite spot and this is great place for jogs, sprints, cycling, working out, or an early morning walk. The Poro Point Lighthouse is just 10-15 minutes away from San Fernando’s central district, and you can get there either by car or by riding public transportation. No entrance fee needed, this is open for public, tourists or locals may freely walk around and take in the scenery.

3. Flotsam & Jetsam

Looking for a party in San Juan? Then this place is for you. Right after beach surfing or long drive from tours, have some drinks and get the party started. Flotsam & Jetsam is a trendy hostel with a restaurant and full bar. This place has fun and lively environment so most people visiting in San Juan will be here getting drinks every night, of course this is also near to the beach just 1-3 minutes walk!

4. Halo Halo de Iloko – Zandueta Street

La Union has so much more to offer also for foods! Here’s one that you should put on your list! Halo Halo de Iloko, home of Ilokano cuisine in San Fernando City, offers not only the dessert but also Ilokano blend dishes. This place is known for their HALO HALO, I’ve tasted all kinds of halo halo but here, it’s different! There’s something in their ingredients that you can’t describe! It’s delicioso! Perfecto! Pasalubong, goodies are available here as well.

How to go — from Urbiztondo, ride a jeep to San Fernando (PHP11 fare per person). Drop off at the city center and ride a tricycle to Halo Halo de Iloko. Locals are very familiar with it.

5. Ma Cho Temple

No need to go to China. Ma Cho temple can be found in La Union! The Ma-Cho, Mazu or Ma Cho Temple is a Taoist temple to the Chinese sea-goddess Mazu located on Quezon Avenue in Barangay II, San Fernando, La Union in the Philippines.

Things to take note and observe
1. Ma-Cho temple is open every day between 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
2. There is no entrance fee. Hence, you could explore the temple for free.
3. There are holding areas found around the temple. Dating is prohibited in these areas.

How to go — From Halo Halo de Iloko, ride a tricycle to Ma-Cho Temple (PHP8 fare per person).

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Experience Filipino-American Resto In Metro at Filling Station Bar and Cafe

Friends! I know all of you are writing down your plans where beach to go, resto to eat, hang out with barkadas, and a place to chill. Well, let me share you this place that surely all of you will love it! This is bar/cafe/resto and open 24 hours. If you are looking for sweets, liquors, and other dishes, then this is the right place for you! Time to write down to your list for this year! I’m sure you’ll not regret it. Taste the Filipino American style!

Filling Station Bar and Cafe operates 24 hours and it is located in Padre Burgos st., Makati City. You can dine for breakfast in the morning or it can be your chill out bar at night.

This place in Manila that never gets old. Here’s my reason why.

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Hong Kong Disneyland! | Happiest Place on Earth

Hong Kong Disneyland is very significant for me; I remember when they opened few years ago, I was only thirteen and travelling out of the country was an unattainable dream. Ten years after, I made it to my very first Disneyland! Yeyy!

They say Disneyland is Happiest place on earth and where dreams do come true. There is something so magical moment about seeing the remarkable beauty of castle, parade of stars, experience their breath taking rides and many more. One of my bucket-list is to visit all Disneyland in the world and this is only the beginning. There are so many places and adventures I’ve yet to explore and I’m so excited and enliven for the day that I can truly say I set my foot in every nook and cranny of the world.

Soberly, I can say that even if it’s quite hard to understand the HK Disney staffs because of difficulty in language speaking, thanks to signage, pamphlets and flyers for the guide. They say this Disneyland in Hong Kong is the smallest among all Disneyland in the world! I can’t believe ’cause one day exploring around is not enough for you to visit all attractions. Visiting Disneyland will not be completed if you didn’t watch their fantastic fireworks. The Disney Castle’s fireworks display was so magical and extremely beautiful, it made me really cry. The feeling is so surreal, like a childhood dream that finally came true. We spent only 1 day in Hong Kong Disneyland and visited all attractions that we can, we’re so mesmerized and wanted to slow down the time and soak up the atmosphere. To make the most out of your time here, it is best to plan your trip and decide the rides and attractions that you want to try and visit ahead of time.

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Azure Urban Resort Residences Staycation

Treat yourself! Time to unwind and feel luxuriate, release your stress, tensions and ready for a great weekend! All of us need to relax, find stillness and serenity to escape the stress of city life. If you’re looking for weekend getaway then you’ll get answers of beach diving in Batangas, Zambales, Surfing in La Union and Baler, enjoy the cold breeze in Tagaytay and Rizal, but upon searching, I found this place, a condo style with man-made beach, a touch of luxury type of condo that will surely give you a superb stay!

Azure Urban Resort Residences is a residential project by Century Properties that named first man-made beach in the Philippines. This place has a lot to offer. Perfect with its palm trees and take note this man-made beach condo has natural sand, you will surely feel the beach life without leaving the metro. No need for you to experience long drives, buying of plane tickets to go another place, this place is just within Metro! It is located in Parañaque city, it’s just a short walk from SM Bicutan.

We went here together with my friends right after our work! We arrived around 8pm, we first bought our foods to eat in Supermarket at SM. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch the wave and beach pool as the schedule is from 7am to 7pm only. The pools are also closed every Monday for maintenance. So we just woke up early for swimming and memento photos.

Kiddie pool area
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